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Call an expert for your web streaming, webcast or webinar!

Since 2005, we have worked with our clients to deliver streaming, podcasting, webcasting, webinars, …

You are important and we want to deliver to you the best quality content.

Whether live or on-demand, your company can integrate audio conferencing and web-based presentation into an interactive experience for your customers, shareholders or employees in a webinar.

Our webcasts/webinars run directly in your web browser so you can easily and effectively communicate with geographically dispersed participants.

They are interactive, simple to use and completely web-based.

We cover events, news, corporate communications, government, entertainment and training.

No matter how long the event – or how many viewers – we will provide a flexible solution tailored to your needs within budget and timescale.

We can stream your webcasts/webinars live to all viewers around the world or make them available for view-on-demand. Our monitoring tools allow you to have full visibility over who views the webcasts/webinars, which portions of webcasts/webinars are most visited and how long each visitor spends viewing each webcast.


Depending on your specific needs, our solution can include:

Simultaneous translation into foreign languages by professional interpreters for live or on-demand webcasts/webinars
Synchronised presentation slides to video with possibility to navigate through the slides into our webinar
Integrated video/slide system allowing full screen video when presenter is not referring to slides
Single or multi-camera, real environment or green-screen compositing
Ability to include last minute changes and site updates on location
Ability to include slide transitions, video, embedded effects and animations
Feedback, Q&A, interactivity, statistics and monitoring, password protection
Interactive forum, on-line voting, sponsors logos, graphics and advertising
Archive production and distribution and safe-keeping
Contact us to discuss what options are most appropriate for your audience and event and we will be happy to guide you through the different options.

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