Satellite Internet Connection

Satellite Internet Connection

Just because you are not in a large sprawling urban area does not mean your business has to suffer.

We can give you access to internet on remote location in Europe via our satellite Internet Connection.

In fact with the right internet connection you can have a home based business just about anywhere in the nation. But that business will almost certainly require you to have a high speed internet connection.

We can help you provide internet access in your event location. We need some “clean line of sight” to the sky in order to setup our satellite dish.

Our options

  • Shared Bandwidth
  • 650 Euros / Day
    25 Gb included
  • 20 mbps in download
  • 6 mbps in upload
  • No garanteed bandwidth.
    You share your bandwidth with satellite users near you
  • Options :300 Euros/100Gb
  • Reserved Bandwidth
  • 75 Euros/ Gb
    You pay for the reserved bandwidth
  • Custom download bandwidth
  • Custom upload bandwidth
  • Bandwidth Garantee
  • /